Augmented Ulster:

Tiocfaidh AR lá.


Irish Language

Augmented Ulster's unique Irish Language Addition Technology (ILAT) allows for live superimposing of the colonialist language with Gaeilge. Simply point your device at a roadsign, and see the name as our forefathers intended it to be seen.
Gan Béarla níos mó. Simplí

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The dream of every Irish patriot has always been to see this proud country’s flag raised in every county on the island. Augmented Ulster's Dynamic Flag Replacement (DFR) software allows that dream to come true. From Belfast city Hall to wherever else people care about flags flying, finally the tricolor will take its rightful place.



Celebrate your community history, enjoy a Digital Mural Overlay on any gable wall. 

Never thirst to see the hunger strikers again; simply point your device, select the mural of your choice, and rejoice.

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Green Jumpers. Black Berets. Balaclavas. These are a few of our favourite things, but overzealous policing by the British occupiers has meant a downturn in the number of proper parades. With Augmented Ulster you can create a parade of true patriots. Special features include the option of three marchers awkwardly firing handguns into the air at the end.