Coming Soon

We hope to have Augmented Ulster released for Beta/Béite testing in Q2 2018, with a full roll-out province wide by Summertime.

We know that this place can be divisive, but pairing together your hopes, our dreams, and your devices, maybe we can see the Ulster we deserve.

Future Features

Historical Figures

Exciting new features will include unlockable fully interactive characters including Gerry Adams and Peter Robinson. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to have a chat with Wolfe Tone on the Shankill, Augmented Ulster has the answer.


Brexit Edition

Technical. Imaginative. Frictionless. We are currently working on a special project to provide a solution to the border problem post Brexit. Remove checkpoints and customs posts with ease using our Border Filter System. The border isn't hard if you can't see it.


Alliance Pack

Sick of looking at bonfires and flags? Tired of listening to people who can't say quinoa properly? The sound of thumping feet and coarse voices has been the insufferable soundtrack to Northern Ireland's bitter history. Change the tune. Replace vitriolic parades and emblems with delicatessans, vegan breweries, and and the exciting new feature “Culture Night.” In this brand new feature every member of the public is replaced with a better digital version of themselves who truly appreciates artistic expression and wears brown shoes with their jeans.


Election Avoidance Interface

Living in Ulster means putting up with a lot of elections. Our Election Avoidance Interface  is an immersive experience. Run our app, pop in your headphones and every politican's voice will be replaced with the sound of calming music. View the world through Augmented Ulster and every election poster will be replaced with motivational signs.

See the Ulster you deserve
— Augmented Ulster code pixies