Augmented Ulster: See British. Feel British. Be British.

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For too long now the Union Jack is less and less prominent in Ulster. Augmented Ulster's Dynamic Flag Replacement (DFR) software means that there shouldn’t be a building in Belfast that doesn’t proudly fly the Queen's flag every single day and now there doesn’t have to be. Special features include automatic half mast flying on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.



Reclaim the Queen's Highway: Download Augmented Ulster, let the proprietorial External Parade Overlay (EPO) do the rest. It is new and it is beautiful, the power is in your hands to fill every street in Northern Ireland with the sound of marching feet. Choose from Orange or Black Orders and customize your experience.

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Kerbstone painting is a tradition as old as Ulster. Augmented Ulster will apply the Red, White, and Blue to any kerbstone you point your device at. 

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Celebrate your community history, enjoy a Digital Mural Overlay on any gable wall. Choose from more than 2 different mural options.
Augmented Ulster lets you put King Billy on any wall!



The only bad thing about the 11th night is that it only happens once a year. No more. From January to December, you have the power to impose a bonfire on absolutely any patch of public land whether the locals like it or not. Grab a friend. Grab some cans. With Augmented Ulster, every day is protestant Christmas.